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You’ve heard the stories. The contractor gives you a price that sounds good, then jacks it up once work begins, claiming that he forgot to include a bunch of things. Yikes! We believe in giving our clients a rough but realistic idea of what their project will cost from the get-go. Then we back that up with detailed description of the work in writing, before work begins, so you know everything is included.

The spreadsheet below has typical cost ranges for the most common projects we build with our clients. Use this as a “Ballparking Tool” to get an “order of magnitude” idea of what your project might cost.

** The Price My Project Page is best done on a computer or tablet**

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Here is how it works:

Select the project or projects you are considering from the choices on the list, at left. Choose whether you regard your taste in finishes as “Moderate,” “Midrange” or “High End” contractorapproach for that project*. See your Ballpark Cost totaled at the bottom right!

Examples of kitchen/breakfast area renovations below

Moderate Kitchen/Breakfast Area

The project (up to 300 sq. ft.) might include refacing and re-painting the cabinets, new level 1 or 2 granite countertops, sink and faucet, new tile backsplash, some new midrange appliances, and painting. No new cabinets, no moving walls etc.

Midrange Kitchen/Breafast Area

The renovation (up to 350 sq. feet) might include gutting the Kitchen to the studs, all new mid-range cabinets and appliances, new sink and faucet, mid to upper level granite or low end quartz counter tops, glass tile backsplash, paint and new tile flooring. No structural walls being moved and midrange-priced selections.

High-End Kitchen/Breakfast Area

This renovation (up to 500 sq. ft.) might include moving structural walls or adding on to expand the kitchen, installing luxury cabinets, high end quartz countertops backsplash, commercial look appliances, wood or porcelain floors, large island, high end sink faucet, accessories and hardware.

Apply these examples to your projects to the right


Minor Kitchen Remodel

Major Kitchen Remodel

Covered Patio

Bathroom Remodel

Family Room Remodel

Bathroom Addition

Master Suite Additions

Second Story Additions

Composite Deck Additions

Home Office Remodel

Roof Replacement

Outdoor Kitchen

Siding Replacement

Garage Conversion

Two-Story Garage Apartment

Elevator Addition

Attic Conversion

Whole House Window Replacement


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